The lightweight and superior cushioning qualities of PE plank make this foam one of the most exciting products in the packaging industry. PE foam plank is a thicker polyethylene (PE) product that can be processed into any shape, density, or thickness. It bonds to itself, wood, metal, vinyl, or paper with heat or adhesive. This non-toxic, odorless foam is UV, chemical, and heat resistant. PE plank’s fine cell structure is elastic, resilient, and CFC and HCFC free, meeting the requirements of the Clean Air Act of 1990 regarding Class I and Class ll ozone depleting substances.

PE Foam planks can be die cut to customer specs either by our customer approved design or from the customer’s design.

PE foam plank is used in a wide variety of industries. It is often used in the automotive and construction industries during material handling and even in the manufacturing process. PE plank material is used in many areas of the consumer goods industry such as: Archery and dart targets, Athletic Equipment, Boot Cushions, Flotation Devices, Exercise and Camping Mats, Toys, Golf Bag and Backpack Inserts.

Some examples of PE Foam Plank Materials at Precision