Our expertise, your product

In the world of product packaging and logistics, experience does count for a great deal when offering a quality product. Precision Packaging Components has experience that’s been proven over and over through our loyal, satisfied clientele. And, with technology, staff and flexible engineering, we are established to custom fit most any packaging setup to most any job.

Precision Packaging in Rienzi MS


At PPC, attention to detail is what makes the difference in how a product is delivered.
Our team of designers is dedicated to every angle and measurement so you can be assured
of a fully protected delivery to your customers.

Regional Logistics

Not only do we offer the ability to drop-ship your product to any location, but our fleet of delivery trucks offer convenience and speed to the region that is unmatched. This offers a secure, quick movement of your packaging design so you can get things moving as soon as possible.

Precision Truck Hauling
Box Shipping
Thinking INSIDE the box

When it comes to laying out your foam structure, weight distribution, materials designs and more, a trusted partner always makes the difference. With so many variables affecting the weight, size and strength of packaging, you can trust PPC to make the most efficient, yet effective design decision to save you damage potential and money.